Policy and strategy

Businesses that develop effective and sustainable product-packaging combinations view sustainability as a strategic opportunity and as part of their value-creation process. They realise that sustainability is an integral aspect of quality and brand experience for a growing number of consumers. To them, it is an opportunity to re-evaluate the relationships between the market, the customer, and natural resources. That is why they offer their customers maximum added value with their products and services, while reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

It is important to integrate sustainable packaging into your organisation’s policies. In addition to having knowledge of the laws and regulations pertaining to (sustainable) packaging, it is also important to know which developments and opportunities related to sustainable packaging can be found in your sector. This allows you to determine how your organisation can take advantage of these opportunities with suitable packaging strategies and/or new business models.


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Laws and regulations

What are the European and Dutch laws and regulations pertaining to (sustainable) packaging?

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Sector developments

What are the main sustainability themes in the packaging industry and the different sectors?



Company policies and sustainability

What role does sustainability play within your organisation and what opportunities does the increased sustainability of packaging materials present?

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Packaging strategy and business models

How can you develop a packaging strategy in which you optimally use and reuse raw materials and minimise the environmental impact? What does this mean for your company business model?

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