About us

Increasingly more entrepreneurs want to make their packaging more sustainable, because they see the importance and the opportunities of a circular economy for packaging material. This is why the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) advises and inspires companies with practical advice. We offer factual knowledge, professional training sessions and tools that are based on scientific research. 


KIDV has a Supervisory Board, a committee of independent experts and the KIDV office. The Supervisory Board includes representatives of the packaging industry. The committee of independent experts exists of scientists from different universities.

KIDV is financed by the Packaging Waste Fund (Afvalfonds Verpakkingen) with two million euros per year for a period of ten years. This amount comes from the Packaging Waste Management Contributions.



Chris Bruijnes

Managing director

Karen van de Stadt

Packaging expert


Petra Veen

Advisor Education & Research


Niels van Marle

Packaging expert


Marcel Keuenhof

Packaging expert


Caitlin Ouwehand

Packaging expert

Vincent Balk

Project manager


Maartje Knaap

Communication advisor

Charissa Koolen

Project manager


Gerard Haverkamp



Nikki Groote Schaarsberg

Sustainable packaging


Rolf van Sprang

Packaging expert


 Yorick Zegarra

Communication advisor



Mirjam Tiems

Project assistant

Sarah van der Kraan

Office manager

Supervisory Board

Cees de Mol van Otterloo

Managing director Afvalfonds
Verpakkingen (chair man)

Marc Jansen

Managing director Centraal Bureau

Eus Peters 

Managing director Raad Nederlandse 

Murk Boerstra

Adjunct director
Federatie Nederlandse
Industrie (FNLI)




Committee of Independent Experts


Ulphard Thoden van Velzen

Wageningen University & 

Jan Paul van Soest

De Gemeynt

Jacqueline Cramer

Universiteit Utrecht

Jos Keurentjes

TU Eindhoven


Roland ten Klooster

Universiteit Twente / Plato 
Product Consultants


Peter Rem

TU Delft