The packaging and the product

Sustainable product-packaging combinations are always the result of the right combination of product properties and packaging properties. When making a packaging more sustainable, it is important to first prevent product loss, avoid product wastage, and guarantee the safety of the user and the environment. Once all these aspects have been optimally safeguarded, you can explore options to make the packaging more sustainable. Examples include reducing the amount of material used or using sustainable material applications, without compromising the packaging functionality.



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Product protection

How can you strike the right balance between effective use of packaging materials and sufficient protection for the product during transport, storage, and usage?

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Product safety

Which specific risks concerning product safety can occur when making a packaging more sustainable and what measures can you take to safeguard product safety?

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Effective product use

How can a well-designed packaging improve the effectiveness of the product use and how can the amount of product that is wasted be reduced?

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