Community of Practice Reusable Packaging

In order to further investigate challenges and opportunities of reusable packaging, KIDV has set up the Community of Practice (CoP) Reusable Packaging. Companies often struggle with the fact that they individually have too little impact to realise changes in the packaging supply chain. In a CoP packaging challenges are tackled jointly.

Community of Practice Reusable Packaging


One of the potential solutions to make packaging more sustainable is to switch from single use to reuse. Reusable packaging has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. However, with the exception of a number of packaging types, reuse is still in its infancy.

The CoP Reusable Packaging consists of parties who want to make their packaging more sustainable by studying and implementing reusable options. Supermarkets, brand owners, service providers, start-ups, research institutes and NGOs all participate in this KIDV community. As a collective, the CoP will investigate and discuss relevant themes, share information and set up and support pilots.

Challenges that the CoP Reusable Packaging focuses on include consumer behaviour, measures to assure food safety / hygiene of reused packaging, legal aspects such as liability with regard to food safety and the logistics involved in return systems. Other issues relate to the calculation of environmental impact and economic profitability when comparing reusable packaging to disposable packaging.

Purpose of the project

The aim of this project is to provide producers and importers of packaging and packaged products with concrete tools to investigate and/or implement the use of reusable packaging. The CoP adopts the following approach:

  1. Gaining insight into the most important external influences on the transition to reusable packaging, such as relevant legislation and consumer preferences. 
  2. Analysing the impact of quality and safety aspects on the use of reusable packaging.
  3. Exploring the hurdles and opportunities in consumer behaviour with regards to reusable packaging.
  4. Analysing the importance and influence of logistics and administration on the use of reusable packaging.
  5. Providing insight into the factors that influence the environmental and financial break-even point of a reusable packaging compared to a single-use version. 

Resulting best and worst practices are shared within the CoP.

Would you like to be part of this Community of Practice Reusable Packaging? Please contact project manager Marcel Keuenhof ( 

For interesting discussions or inspiring news in the field of reusable packaging, you can also become a member of the CoP-LinkedIn group. Here you can also get in touch with participating parties in the CoP. Submit an application here. In addition, you can join Planet Reuse, Europe's first reusable packaging platform. Sign up for Planet Reuse via the website. 


This CoP organised a number of webinars on different aspects of reusable packaging. You can access the recordings by clicking the following links: 

Publications and tools

KIDV has had a number of studies carried out and has developed a tool:

Further relevant and interesting studies on reusable packaging can be found in the library, please click here



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