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Students wanted for Packathon 2021: who SUP's with us?

Publication date: February 23, 2021

Who will 'SUP' with us? This is the invitation from the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) to students to participate in the so-called Packathon 2021. This is a two-day design competition in the field of sustainable packaging, which will be held entirely online on 31 March and 1 April. Participation is open to all educational institutions and students who are enthusiastic about contributing to a sustainable world. One hundred students can participate. Registration is possible until 22 March.

Students wanted for Packathon 2021: who SUP's with us?

Getting your hot, ordered meal delivered without packaging? Enjoying a coffee on-the-go, without contributing to the litter problem? Would you use reusable cutlery to eat the salad you bought on the go? Many companies are currently working hard to adapt their packaging to the new European Single Use Plastics (SUP) directive. The SUP directive was created by the European Union to reduce the share of single-use plastics in litter and the sea.

It is a relevant topic, which is why the KIDV decided to make the SUP directive the theme of the Packathon 2021. Students are challenged to come up with innovative and circular packaging concepts and solutions. The participants will be divided into multidisciplinary teams, who will work on the Single Use Plastics challenge in a digital environment.

The assignment was co-designed by Bunzl Foodservice and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. As supplier of packaging for restaurants, catering companies and on-the-move concepts, Bunzl Foodservice has to deal with the SUP directive on a daily basis. It currently calls for a significant reduction in the consumption of, for example, drinking cups and meal packaging by 2026. Bunzl, the Ministry and the KIDV would like to explore possible alternatives to achieve this reduction.

Are you a student and do you want to know more about the Packathon? Download the flyer here or register directly below.

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