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KIDV-Webinar 'Business-to-business models for reusable packaging'

May 27, 2021
  • Online

International interest in tackling sustainability challenges and reducing material use is growing. Many developments are taking place in the field of reusable packaging systems, including Business-to-Business (B2B) models. The KIDV Community of Practice on Reusable Packaging organises a webinar on this subject. 

In the long term, the reuse of packaging in the B2B market can yield considerable cost savings. That is why reusable packaging systems are already widely used in the B2B market. Pallets, crates, drums, bulk containers and big bags are widely used by many industries. In the past mostly for financial reasons, but increasingly the environmental benefits of these systems are an (additional) reason for implementation. New concepts are also increasingly being embraced. What are the latest trends? What opportunities do we see to scale up B2B reusable packaging? And what can B2C models learn from this?


The full programme will be announced soon. 


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