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The State of Sustainable Packaging

Publication date: July 23, 2020

In this publication, KIDV explores how the international packaging industry can use recycling and circularity to ultimately achieve intrinsic sustainability.

The State of Sustainable Packaging

“One hundred percent circularity is a utopia,” says KIDV director Chris Bruijnes. “We should therefore be working on packaging methods that do not harm people or the environment.”

The State of Sustainable Packaging offers a strategic perspective on the necessary collaboration and innovations with regard to sustainable packaging. The publication identifies the social and economic bottlenecks that stand in the way of sustainable packaging. The causes are diverse; consequently, there is no easy solution to be found. The KIDV has developed a three-track innovation strategy to pave to road towards intrinsically sustainable packaging. Track 1 is about more and better recycling and increased efficiency in product-packaging systems and it has a short-term focus. Circularity and efficiency in production-consumption systems form the core of innovation track 2, “Circular economy,” which has a short- to medium-term focus. Innovation track 3 leads towards the intrinsic sustainability of product-packaging combinations. It seeks to answer the question of how we intend to satisfy our needs in the future. In an interview with Chris Bruijnes, Director of the KIDV you can read more about the publication.

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