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'Reusable Packaging in Germany' - KIDV-Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. webinar

7 jun. 2022
  • Online

In recent years, Germany has become one of the frontrunners in the field of reusable packaging. What practices, good and bad, can we learn from them? What are the developments of reusable packaging, what are the challenges of an open unmanaged pool system and what does a retailer's perspective look like? 

In 2019, KIDV has set up the Community of Practice on Reusable packaging in order to further investigate challenges and opportunities of reusable packaging. The CoP Reusable Packaging consists of parties who want to make their packaging more sustainable by studying and implementing reusable options. Supermarkets, brand owners, service providers, start-ups, research institutes and NGOs all participate in this KIDV community. As a collective, the CoP investigates and discusses relevant themes, share information and set up and support pilots.

This webinar, with the focus on Germany, is the second in a series of webinars on reuse learnings in other countries. Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. c is the co-host of this session. The previous edition focused on France, more information can be found here


  • Introduction KIDV Community of Practice Reusable Packaging
    Marcel Keuenhof, KIDV
  • Overview of status quo and developments of reusable packaging in Germany
    Anika Oppermann, Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. & shafuto
  • MMP (Milch-Mehrweg-Pool) – Challenges of an open unmanaged pool system
    Martina Schilling, Friesland Campina
  • Reusable packaging from a retailer’s perspective 
    Sascha Rieth, Biocompany
  • Pitches - 1) Reusable packaging for personal care and household cleaning, 2) Germany's pool system for mineral waters
    1) André Lang-Herfurth (SEA ME) and 2) Tobias Bielenstein (GDB/AK Mehrweg)
  • Panel discussion / Q&A

About the speakers

Dr. Anika Oppermann (Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. & shafuto)
Anika, holding a PhD in Food Science and Technology from Wageningen University, has been active in driving systemic change in the field of reusable packaging in Germany and Europe for the last three years. Her focus is on identifying, initiating and realizing levers for structural change in this domain. Anika is chairwoman of the Executive Board at the Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. (German Association for Reusable Packaging) as well as an independent consultant and facilitator for projects around reusable packaging (shafuto - shaping the future together) and co-initiator of the digital platform & network for reusable packaging in Europe, “PlaNet Reuse”.

Martina Schilling (Friesland Campina) 
Martina Schilling, 61 - food technology engineer, has been working for 35 years in the service of dairy and the Landliebe brand at FrieslandCampina; first as a project engineer, 12 years as plant manager and for the last 10 years as senior project manager for various projects, value engineering, footprint studies and commercialization.

Sascha Rieth (BIO COMPANY)
Sascha is head of quality, occupational safety and sustainability at BIO COMPANY, the third largest organic retailer in Germany, and the subsidiaries Midgard Naturkost GmbH and Biomanufaktur Havelland, being a reusable packaging expert in terms of hygiene, handling and logistics of reusable packaging. BIO COMPANY’s focus has been on reusable packaging such as reusable beverage containers, fruits and vegetable crates, unpackaged refill-stations, and lately also B2C and B2B reusable packaging in other categories in collaboration with PFABO.

André Lang-Herfurth (SEA ME)
André is the Director Marketing and Sales at SEA ME, which operates the first reusable packaging system for cosmetics and personal care products. SEA ME started with their own products in reusable packaging and is, through zerooo, now expanding as a service provider to enable national and international cosmetic and personal care brands to deliver a zero waste packaging solution. André is also a board member of the Mehrwegverband Deutschland e.V. (German association for reusable packaging).

Tobias Bielenstein (German Mineral Water Companies)
Tobias is the director Public Affairs, Sustainability & Communications of the Cooperative of the German Mineral Water Companies (GDB), which runs Europe's biggest refillable bottles system with more than one billion bottles and more than 100 million crates. Tobias is also COO of the Working Group Refillables (Arbeitskreis Mehrweg), an organization managing the European Refillable Logo and serving as a think tank & information point about refillables for companies, start-ups, authorities and scientists.



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