Fieldlab Circular Packaging

The FieldLab Circular Packaging Foundation (FLCP) aims to make every packaging as circular as possible by improving coordination between, and innovations in, packaging design and waste recycling processes.

Our business

As a brand owner, you want to move towards a zero-waste future. But what about your packaging?

  • FLCP Foundation will help your brand move towards more circular packaging
  • FLCP is a unique collaborative venture between brand manufacturers and recycling industry
  • Field tests at laboratories and industrial recyclers: to measure is to know
  • Advice and evidence to help you save on plastic packaging tax
  • Trusted partner of multiple well-known premium brands

Any packaging that is not fully reprocessed into a raw material for new products is a potential use case for the FLCP. In a series of closely managed workshops, we will connect you with packaging experts and stakeholders to find the right solution together.

Sector specialisation

The FLCP is there for all companies that sell packaged products in the Netherlands. What is circular packaging? And how do you design one? We all know the theory, but how does it work in practice? Does your packaging end up in the right place after disposal? Is recyclable packaging actually recycled? And if it’s not, what can we do or change to make sure that it is? The FLCP answers all these questions by connecting you with the entire chain, as well as testing what is happening and could happen in practice.

Specific sustainable packaging services

The FLCP is a non-profit foundation set up by frontrunners from the packaging industry and six companies from the waste recycling sector. By making smart use of the joint knowledge and infrastructure of the parties involved, we can quickly find solutions in a short series of closely managed 'pressure cooker' workshops with a lead time of about 3 to 4 months: the 'Use Case' process. We immediately test the resulting solutions in practice to keep tweaking and developing them until we find the optimal solution.

As a second service, the FLCP runs pre-competitive projects with brand owners. These projects usually address issues that go beyond packaging types, such as the effects of adhesives and labels or the effects of excess product residue on the recyclability of packaging.

Contact details 

Marc Reijnders, director