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Webinar 'Calculation tool for CO2 impact of reusable packaging'

Mar 11, 2021
  • Online

One of the potential solutions to make packaging more sustainable is reuse. During this webinar, which is part of the KIDV Community of Practice (CoP) Reusable Packaging, we will demonstrate the calculation tool developed by Utrecht University and Partners for Innovation on behalf of the KIDV. How to calculate the environmental impact and economic profitability of reusable packaging? And where is the tipping point for reuse compared to single-use packaging? In addition, we will look back on the CoP's progress in 2020 as well as look ahead to the plans for 2021. 


15:00     Community of Practice: current state of affairs –  Marcel Keuenhof, KIDV
15:10     Calculation tool for reusable packaging  –  Jannes Nelissen, Partners for Innovation
15:35     CoP report 'Effects of frequent cleaning' by YoYo.Boostreuse
15:40     Standardisation of reusable packaging  –  Marko Malis, PackBack
15:50     Call for Exploring of Shared Logistics
16:00     Further plans of the Community of Practice for 2021  –  Marcel Keuenhof, KIDV
16:10     (Upcoming) legislation and reusables  –  Manon Sennechael, InOFF Plastic
16:25     Open call for collaborations and final words


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