Searious Business

Searious Business is an innovation & project agency, focused on preventing plastic from entering the ocean.

Our business

Searious Business is an innovation and project agency, focused on preventing plastic in the ocean. We work with brand owners (B2B & B2C) and offer strategic advice and project implementation and product development services in the realm of sustainable packaging. 

Sector specialisation

We focus on:

  • Retail/supermarkets, food service, food industry, FWS
  • E-commerce
  • Construction industry
  • Food & Catering services
  • Garden centres and DIY shops
  • Furniture sector & consumer electronics

Specific sustainable packaging services

Strategic policy advice, measurable project implementation, packaging design & product development to help make packaging more sustainable.

Starting points:

  • Assisting in the decision-making process for sustainable packaging, including secondary and tertiary packaging;
  • Developing a business case that works for the whole chain (design for recycling and design for use of recycled content)
  • Addressing high-impact packaging (i.e. impact in volume and/or in degree of innovativeness/role model)
  • Three-part approach:
    • ReThink: outside the box inspiration & ideation sessions, plastic scan, material flow mapping, developing decision-making tools, pair with right chain partners
    • ReDesign: design of sustainable interactive packaging, use of materials, distribution systems, business models
    • ReBrand: (visually) translating project results into corporate and (inter)national sustainability objectives, developing and/or jointly running communication strategies and campaigns, often focusing on circularity and protecting the blue heart of our planet.

Contact details

Rosemarie Wuite, Business Developer