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Padding material made of recycled paper and cardboard

Publication date: June 6, 2017
Organisation: Vendrig Packaging

The padding material used in the Karopack buffer bags consists of recycled industrial paper and cardboard waste. These bags are used as buffers in packaging materials during transport.

By using recycled paper and cardboard, less virgin buffer material is needed. The bags can be reused several times and disposed of as waste paper, so they can be recycled once more.

When purchasing Karopack buffer bags, businesses can hand in their paper and cardboard waste material free of charge. It is collected when a new shipment of bags is delivered. Vendrig Packaging, the distributor of the Karopack bags in the Netherlands, uses this paper and cardboard material to fill the Karopack bags. In doing so, Vendrig Packaging makes the recycling of paper and cardboard possible for smaller organisations as well.

The bags themselves are made from virgin Kraft paper with a plastic coating on the inside. Vendrig Packaging is exploring options to use recycled paper and cardboard for the production of the bag. It is also considering eliminating the plastic coating to make the bags easier to recycle.