Consumer helpdesk (Meldpunt Verpakkingen)

The Consumer Helpdesk (Meldpunt Verpakkingen) was set up by KIDV in May 2013. Until December 2019, the helpdesk consisted of a website where consumers could ask questions and submit reports about packaging that in their opinion is not sustainable, for example in terms of the use of materials or because too much or unnecessary packaging material is used.

Consumer helpdesk (Meldpunt Verpakkingen)

From the 1th of January 2020, the website has been taken offline. For information about the environmental impact of packaging, you can now visit the website of Milieu Centraal. Would you like to report on the sustainability of packaging? Then please send an e-mail to and state in your mail the type of product, the brand name and an explanation of your report. If your report is specifically addressed to a company, KIDV will forward it (anonymously) to the company in question with a request for a response. It is the company's responsibility to respond to your report and explain why they have chosen certain packaging. We will email you the company's response as soon as possible.

Information for companies 

KIDV passes on consumer notifications about specific products to companies that market these products. It is up to the companies to comment on this and  explain why a particular packaging has been chosen. KIDV examines these reactions, also on the basis of applicable regulations. If the reaction is not sufficient, KIDV asks for clarification. If companies do not (or are unable to) provide this clarification, the KIDV draws the consumer's attention to the possibility of passing on their report to the Dutch ILT. This is the institute that, on the basis of legislation, can assess whether something is sustainable packaging and can take enforcements. 

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