We are Blackbirds, a design agency for packaging and product innovation. We guide you to creative solutions, whether you’re looking for an A to Z process or prefer a more à la carte approach.

Our expertise lies in packaging, branding and industrial and strategic design. Our award-winning design team strives to give our customers a head start in tomorrow's market.

Our business

We design products that make a mark on tomorrow, facilitate choices, and contribute to sustainable solutions!

When it comes to sustainability, we believe in the power of cooperation, which is why we’ll always involve the experts you need to solve your case.

Sector specialisation

Blackbirds specialises in 3D structural design, translating consumer needs and marketing objectives into enticing products or packaging. Tailored to technical requirements, filling lines or logistical needs. Contributing to sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.

Specific sustainable packaging services

For us, creativity and design thinking is the key to realising sustainable projects where others fail.

  • Design strategy
  • Idea generation
  • Concept design
  • Prototyping and validation
  • Product design
  • Development

Contact details

Simone Lips, Impact Design & Sustainability