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Webcast ‘Beyond closing the loops: PackForward - Join the future of sustainable packaging’

Publication date: August 17, 2020

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) will hold its first online meeting on The State of Sustainable Packaging on 17 September from 16.00-18.00 hrs (CET +2, Amsterdam time). Read on for more information about the program and your registration.

Webcast ‘Beyond closing the loops: PackForward - Join the future of sustainable packaging’

Experts from the Netherlands and abroad will give their view on this international publication by KIDV, which appeared at the end of July, during a webcast. You can participate in this webcast.

In The State of Sustainable Packaging the KIDV describes a strategic view on the collaboration and innovations needed to achieve intrinsically sustainable packaging. In other words: packaging without harming people and the environment. During the online webcast, experts will delve deeper into the contours of the publication. They reflect on important dilemmas in the international packaging sector, on new concepts and innovation strategies. In the afternoon PackForward, a new platform of the KIDV with international cooperation partners, will also be launched to share knowledge and participate in joint projects and programs in the field of sustainable packaging.


During the webcast, the experts will tell you more about the necessary collaboration and innovation within these innovation tracks. This will be done in an interactive round table discussion chaired by Tracy Sutton. As founder of Root Innovation (UK), she has become an expert and leading speaker in the field of innovative and sustainable packaging design. Panel participants include Tom Szaky (TerraCycle, USA), Robbert de Vreede (Unilever), Hildagarde McCarville (Veolia) and Roland ten Klooster (University of Twente). The webcast will be broadcast online. Via polls and other tools you can also participate and make your voice heard. You do need to register for this.

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About the publication

The State of Sustainable Packaging offers a strategic perspective on the necessary cooperation and innovations in the field of sustainable packaging. The publication identifies the social and economic bottlenecks that stand in the way of sustainable packaging. The causes are diverse; there is therefore no simple solution to be found. To tackle the bottlenecks, the KIDV has drawn up a strategy with three innovation tracks, with effects in the short, medium and long term. They range from better and more recycling - which is already happening in some countries - to more circularity and ultimately to intrinsic sustainability.

Click here to download The State of Sustainable Packaging or to request a hard copy of the publication. Also watch our video.

Video: The State of Sustainable Packaging