The biodegradable egg cartons from Rondeel are already considered Intrinsically Sustainable. By using starch from side streams of the fries & chips production, the carton became even more sustainable and fits a circular economy even better.

A cooperation of Novidon, Rondeel en PaperFoam succeeded with this innovative breakthrough in sustainability and continues to investigate further improvements to set and improve the standard towards a sustainable future, packed by nature.

Potatoes are grown and processed into food products. During this process, side stream starch is released. Novidon extracts the starch from the process water and processes it into new products and applications. By doing so, Novidon creates a virtuous circle, designed to maximizing reuse and minimizing waste.
Rondeel is a corporate social responsible poultry farm with the highest standards towards animal welfare, the environment, food safety and a fair price towards the farmer.
PaperFoam develops and produces ecofriendly packaging with an ultra low carbon foodprint from biobased and renewable resources.