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Plastic Health Summit 2021

21 okt. 2021
  • Amsterdam

The Plastic Soup Foundation firmly believes that environmental and human health are intimately connected; that’s why this year’s theme of Plastic Health Summit is One Health. We can no longer pretend that damaging behaviour towards the planet advances human health and development – in fact, the opposite is true. This is a critical moment.

Plastic shows up everywhere on earth, including inside our own bodies. Every day, we eat, drink and breathe micro- and nanoplastics and we expose ourselves to harmful chemical additives. Plastic is the world’s biggest oil spill, and it affects everyone.

The Plastic soup foundation encourages the pursuit of more groundbreaking research and believe that information on plastic and human health should be easily accessible and widely publicised. During this summit they focus on four different aspects of One Health:

  • Exposure and Toxic effects
  • Environmental Justice
  • Plastic and Me
  • The Next Generation

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