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More fries, less air on Aviko’s pallets

By reinforcing its boxes, Aviko is able to stack more fries, thus less air, on pallets.

Aviko stacks boxes of fries on pallets, ideally on top of one another. This places demands on the rigidity and strength of the outer packaging cartons. The load of the uppermost layer of boxes is largely sustained by the corner supports of the boxes. To improve stacking capacity, Aviko reinforced the corner supports need to be reinforced and that is what Aviko did. Furthermore, any space in the outer packaging cartons that is not utilized has a negative effect on load bearing capacity. Aviko opted for fries instead of air on the pallets. And they found that environmental considerations and cost savings go hand in hand. The result was achieved through cooperation between the production, technical services, sales and marketing departments internally, and with the packaging supplier and the mechanical engineer externally.