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Plastic packaging waste, nothing more than junk? vanPlestik thinks differently and have developed a way to create value from plastic waste. To reduce incineration and landfilling, vanPlestik has developed a 3D printer especially made to recycle plastic waste streams. This large printer can transform waste into high quality and affordable plastic objects, such as chairs. By offering cost-effective 3D printers on a local level, vanPlestik hopes to solve the problem of lacking access to recycling facilities across the world and with that keep plastic from ending up in nature.

Meet the founders
Sam van Til and Nout Kooij want to change the way we handle plastic waste. Nout began working with recycled plastics already in 2014, aiming to produce a 3D printer filament made from recycled plastic. Using circular materials was also a focus in Sam’s Architecture study at TU Delft. In his Masters, he started to focus on the possibilities of digital production.