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Van Eigen Deeg

Eating a cookie without a bad conscience? Van Eigen Deeg can help you with that. With the mission to make traditional, responsible and sustainable cakes, Van Eigen Deeg promises a nice alternative to supermarket bought cookies. All cookies are packed in recyclable packaging that is partly made from recycled material. On top of that, Van Eigen Deeg uses only carefully selected, high quality and biological ingredients offering a unique taste experience. Their goal is to become a trendsetter in the cookie industry in the Netherlands.

Meet the founder
As her parents owned bakeries themselves, Marijntje van Benthum grew up between “rolling pins, flour and ovens” (Van Eigen Deeg). What she took away from her youth was the focus on making pretty and high quality products. After starting to bake, Marijntje received so many positive reactions that she decided to open her own bakery: Van Eigen Deeg.        

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