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‘Wise With Waste’, that is the vision of PaperWise. Wasting valuable raw materials is no longer acceptable these days. So why burn agricultural waste when you can use it to make environmentally friendly socially responsible paper and board? From agricultural waste, also called agri-waste, we recover cellulose, which is the most important raw material for paper. With a lot of attention to our customers’ needs and the environment, PaperWise converts this cellulose into high quality sustainable paper and paperboard.

PaperWise is a new generation of environmentally friendly socially responsible paper and board made from stems and leaves left over after harvest, with 100% green energy. The environmental impact is 47% lower than FSC-paper made from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper.

PaperWise users give a second life to agricultural waste. In doing so they lower their ecological footprint, add value to waste, and prevent waste of valuable raw materials. But there’s more; PaperWise is produced in factories in India and South America hat make a big difference to local communities. Investments are made in education, infrastructure, and healthcare while the manufacturing process is geared toward safety, zero waste, and preserving local ecology.  PaperWise wants to contribute to a better world. The Sustainable Development Goals serve as our compass. We aim to keep going until children at school learn that paper and board are made from agricultural waste!

Do you want to help give agricultural waste a second life and prevent waste of valuable raw materials?  Do you, like us, believe in a circular economy where waste products can become resources again? Then choose to use PaperWise as the new generation of paper and board for all your printed paper, packaging, or office needs. Together we can make the world a little bit better!