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Outlander Materials

Sustainable packaging and beer brewing? Outlander Materials have discovered that there is a valuable link. Using excess produced from beer brewing, they are developing a new bio-based packaging solution aimed at being compostable. On top of being sustainable, this packaging is also highly functional, extending the shelf life of products. You can even print it or interestingly, simply eat it.

Meet the team
Biotechnologist and Underground Beer Brewer Lori Goff is the founder of Outlander Materials. She has the mission to evolve the packaging industry. Her main focus is on finding edible and compostable alternatives to single use plastic films, which led her to founding Outlander Materials. Her colleague Juriaan Blommart is responsible for Logistics & Regulatory. With a background in working as a pastry chef for Michelin restaurants, he is seeking to develop sustainable food systems with less waste and innovative, high quality and safe solutions.