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Fit Things

Frustrated with having to look for the right box to pack your product? Finding a simple, user friendly solution to a practical, frustrating and often times expensive problem, has been the priority of Fit Things. This mindset led them to the development of a smart packaging machine, the Slimbox. This solution allows users to choose from a large amount of preset boxes or cut out an individual design and even select different kinds of cardboard. Increasing convenience even further, it can be entirely controlled from a mobile device. Making packaging customizable allows for lower material use, saving of storage space and less time wasted looking for the right box. This also lowers carbon emissions and saves the user money.

Meet the founders
Fit Things was founded by two brothers, Filip and Kristof Roose and their father Rik Roose. The idea to build a machine that can cut out boxes arose from a frustration of never being able to find the right box. As a company, Fit Things goes beyond just packaging and focuses on solving frustrating and expensive problems in general.