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Did you know that a common pizza carton cannot be recycled with general paper waste? Due to fat and food residues, it has to be thrown away with residual waste. This significantly limits the recyclability of pizza cartons. With their novel design, Cartonney offers a valuable solution to this problem. They have developed a pizza box with a round turn/catch disc, that prevents oil and food residues from seeping into the carton. Cartonney is estimating that with their innovation, in the Netherlands alone, 12-15 million m2 of recyclable carton can be added to the paper waste stream instead of ending up in residual waste. 

Meet the Team
The Cartonney Pizza Carton is the result of a unique collaboration between packaging expert Maarten Halma (Proqare), initiators and supervisors Pascal Arts and Armand Lipperts (Startupdesk) and, of course, the inventor Ton Kooiman. Together they aim to bring “Comfort and Joy” to the consumer while having a sustainable impact.