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An alternative to polystyrene packaging? AEROPOWDER has discovered that surplus feathers from the poultry industry can offer a valuable solution. Being lightweight, strong and thermally insulating, feathers can offer a highly functional packaging material. After turning the feathers into an insulation textile, AEROPOWDER covers them with a compostable food grade liner. With this, they have created a potential alternative to the currently used environmentally harmful expanded polystyrene.

Meet the Founders
During her studies in Innovation Design Engineering, Elena Dieckmann came up with the idea to use waste feathers in sustainable materials. She is currently exploring their potential further through a PhD. Cofounder Ryan has a background in biological sciences and completed a PhD at Imperial College. He is exploring the commercial potential of AEROPOWDER. Starting out as a student project in 2015, AEROPOWDER received an award by the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition and has been a company since 2016.