KIDV Recycle Check glass packaging

Publication date: August 26, 2021
Organisation: KIDV

The Recycle Check is a tool to one of the many choices that packaging designers, but also marketers and buyers have to make if they bring a new product or packaging on the market. The tool has the model of a decision tree. This Recycle Check applies to glass packaging.

KIDV Recycle Check glass packaging

The decision tree is used to determine whether a package is collected after use and sent for recycling. The user is asked a short number of questions about the material and about packaging components which have an impact on recycling. The questions can always be answered with a yes or no. KIDV gives a brief explanation of each question and also provides background information and points for attention. You can use these to improve the recyclability of the packaging.

The KIDV has also developed Recycle Checks for other materials, click here for an overview. 

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