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Veridis Instruments

The goal of Veridis Instruments is to improve the uncertainty within plastic recycling through increasing the scale of plastic samples being measured based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). Current samples are measured on the basis of 1 to 20 milligram, which we want to increase up to 500 grams. Where we focus to measure 500 grams. This will increase statistical certainty of measurements, confirm plastic types, measure degradation and the effect of additives on plastic. Thereby increasing the value of recycled plastics. We can add 100 to 200 euros per tonne recycled plastics.


The team
Nigel, Floris, Jeroen & Wessel form Veridis Instruments together. Nigel is a master student Advanced Matter and Energy Physics & master student Entrepreneurship. He worked on the company since 2018 and currently works on developing the instrument and the business. Floris is master student in Theoretical Physics and devotes his time within the company to the development of the instrument. Jeroen is a master student Advanced Matter and Energy Physics and focuses on development of the instrument. Wessel is a master student in both Entrepreneurship and International Management, focusing on the business development within the company.