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Factsheet series on Essential Requirements

Publication date: October 14, 2015
Organisation: KIDV

A series of factsheets of the Netherlands Institute of Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) on the criteria for packaging, such as the so-called essential requirements, the maximum permissible levels of heavy metals in packaging and the identification of packaging.

If your company offers a packaged product on the Dutch market and/or imports it into the Netherlands, the packaging must comply with the Packaging Decree. This includes amongst others the ‘essential requirements’ and the maximum permissible levels of heavy metals. The obligations in this Decree stem from EU directive 94/62/EG on packaging and packaging waste. They are intended to systematically reduce the environmental impact of packaging and packaging waste.

This factsheet explains more about the packaging criteria required by legislation. The ‘guide’ describes how companies can comply with the relevant regulations in practice. In the ‘Background: surveillance and enforcement of the ‘essential requirements’ the role of the supervisory body, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), is explained.